Theoretical Computer Science & Discrete Mathematics

Leticia Mattos

Leticia Mattos is a postdoc in the Theoretical Computer Science and Discrete Mathematics research group at the University of Heidelberg. Her research has been so far mainly focused on random matrices, Ramsey and extremal properties of the random graph G(n,p), random graph processes, hyperplane covers of the hypercube and counting methods.


Im Neuenheimer Feld 205
69120 Heidelberg

Office: 2/212
e-mail: mattos (at) uni-heidelberg (dot) de
Phone +49 6221 54-14324

Publications and preprints

On the singularity of random symmetric matrices,
with M. Campos, R. Morris and N. Morrison,
Duke Mathematical Journal , 170 (2021), 881-907

New lower bounds for essential covers of the cube,
with I. Araujo and J. Balogh,
Israel Journal of Mathematics , to appear

Counting r-graphs without forbidden configurations,
with J. Balogh and F. C. Clemen
Journal of Combinatorial Theory Series B, 157 (2022), 216-234

Asymmetric Ramsey Properties of random graphs for cliques and cycles,
with A. Liebenau, W. Mendonça and J. Skokan
Random Structures and Algorithms , 62 (2023), 1035-1055

On the anti-Ramsey threshold for non-balanced graphs,
with P. Araújo, T. Martins, W. Mendonça, L. Moreira and G. O. Mota
Electronic Journal of Combinatorics , to appear

Long rainbow arithmetic progressions,
with J. Balogh and W. Linz,
Journal of Combinatorics , 12 (2021), 547–550

Clique packings in random graphs,
with S. Griffiths,

Local central limit theorem for triangle counts in sparse random graphs,
with P. Araujo,

On product Schur triples in the integers,
with D. Mergoni Cecchelli and O. Parczyk,

On multicolor Turán numbers,
with J. Balogh, A. Liebenau and N. Morrison,

Subgraphs of random graphs in hereditary families,
with A. Clifton, H. Liu and M. Zheng,

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